Monday, December 31, 2007

Across the Universe - Beatles (sung by Fiona Apple)

What a year, what a year it has been! I am not regretful that I am not in NYC with my two sisters tonight. I love them so much and we always have a lot of fun, but I know the city would overwhelm me. Instead, I'm in Northern Va. and I'm okay with that! But just because I'm in the suburbs doesn't mean I'm going to slack up on the New Years Eve Ensemble. I couldn't decide between frilly Erin Fetherston for Target. . .

. . . or masculine Erin Fetherston and the Gap.

I think masculinity and slight comfort (warm legs) wins overall. Plus, I was really looking forward to sporting my bowler hat.
I'm excited about being close to home and cozy for New Years Eve. . . while the rest of the world is going mad. . . like in Hong Kong. . .

. . . The Phillippines. . .

. . .my personal favourite, the lantern lightin in Sulaimaniya. . . so beautiful it makes me gasp and sigh. . .

and Edinburgh, Scotland!

This time of year always seems so bittersweet and a little sad, but I say, let's make this next year a really good one. Let's make it count! This is not only the end of the year but my blog's official anniversary. . . so thanks for reading. . . I intend to keep going for my small but wonderful audience! Let's make this next year even better and have a lot more fun! Happy 2008!

(Images: BBC , Post Secret and my wonderful Mum who I'm darned determined to turn into a fantastic photographer).

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aikea-Guinea - Cocteau Twins

Isn't it the best feeling when two of your favourite loves (H&M and Marimekko) come together? I am quite positive that this will probably be my favorite collaboration this spring. I can hardly wait to see! And I am anticipating the purchasing of a floppy sun hat (even though I haven't been to the beach in ages) and a long 70's style dress.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Doublespeak - Blue States

This Christmas was the year of doubles. Of course Dad didn't get doubles, because he's very clear and decisive about what he needs and wants.

The rest of us, have work to do. James nearly got two copies of Mario Galaxy. Youngest B got two pairs of Minnetonkas. . . and so on. There's nothing wrong with doubles, it's kind of a happy surprise. James and I couldn't decide which pair of shoes my sister would love. So we got them both. They remind me of brightly coloured sweets in a box. (She picked the red).

Meanwhile, I complained about the couples failure to deliver when it comes to presents. . . but what about the delightful couple that gives you the same two Moleskine planners unknowingly? Well. . . they're the loveliest friends a girl could ask for, that's all!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stolen Car - Beth Orton

"I lost the light between right or wrong, I just want to find the place where I belong" - Beth Orton, Stolen Car

I was listening to this song on my commute home tonight. . . then I came across this postcard . Coincidence, yes, no, maybe?

Holiday - Madonna

What a nice holiday it has been. Busy, crazy and hectic. . . but I loved every moment of having my entire family around. (And everyone loved their presents). It's been too short, as I have to go to work today and don't want to. But now I'm left pondering New Years Eve and what I'm going to wear. If I had it my way, I would go Rue Du Mail all the way. It would be, it would be so nice!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Loved Despite Great Faults - Blonde Redhead

Crazy rant incoming (maybe a direct effect of lack of sleep and an increase in stress). I have been so busy lately. All I do is work, shop and sleep. Now I am sitting propped up in bed at 10:30. Pathetic. I've been Christmas shopping up a storm this year. And throwing in a few things for myself too. That shirt in the above picture was purchased tonight. Stripes, as if I didn't already have enough. I get a discount at Marimekko because I work across the street. It's like a dream come true.
I know what everyone is getting (because I helped pick out a lot of it). Hell, I probably know what you're getting too! But all this shopping for various family members has brought up an interesting point in my mind. Do single people get slighted on present giving holidays? I'm beginning to think so. Do you remember that Sex in the City when Carrie's shoes get stolen at the party of the married smug couple and she kicks up a fit and finally vows to marry herself so she can register at Manolo Blahnik? (I hate to reference Sex in the City. . . I once took a womens study class with a bunch of morons and that was all they were capable of talking about. That class made me sad. But I need this reference, so forgive me).

When dealing with presents and couples, I always find that even though I may be friends with both members of the party, therefore having to buy two presents, I only receive one in return. This is the first year that both my sisters will have their significant others around for Christmas. I am excited, but I'm also stressed from all the shopping. When I buy presents, I make it good. I refuse to buy useless crap. So this is a warning, dear sisters. Make it good. You are not required to pick out a present for anyone but me so put in a little extra thought (or extra $$$ if ya like). And yes James, you did just fine with the Dolly Parton album last year, keep up the good work.

(photos: HBO and Marimekko )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two Culture Clash - This Anuh Rampin'

I usually think Barney's sends me emails for the sake of pissing me off, wasting my time and showing me what I will never be able to afford. (So few of those emails that show up in my mailbox advertise discount codes and sales). I don't really care for Prada, but I love the presentation of this advertisement.

(Photo: Barneys , of course).

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hopefully Yours - Stina Nordenstam

The impromptu Christmas list.

This album from ArtDontSleep is full of artists that I've really gotten into lately like Flying Lotus and A Race of Angels. It's basically a handpicked selection of some of the best electronic music (I know that's a broad statement) from LA at the moment. And someone on i-Tunes said the cd came with really amazing artwork, on the insert. Thank god you can find it for cheap on Amazon . It's actually much cheaper on Amazon than i-Tunes. . .

This girl needs organization in her life. I think I do okay right now, but there's always room for improvement. Especially if I'm going to make this year an extremely good, positive, successful year. This planner is the perfect size and very pretty too. Once again Amazon . (NO pocket size. It's TOO SMALL for me. I will lose that thing in a heart beat).

Marimekko products are a safe bet as presents for the rest of my life. When you don't know what to buy. . . buy Marimekko and it will always go over well. I'm craving this shower curtain, when I finally settle in wherever I shall be. . .

Now the purchaser of this present, is a smarty pants, because she knows that if I ever make a name for myself in the fashion world, she can claim that she nurtured my "talents" and demand free clothing for the rest of this lifetime. While this book ain't cheap ( $75.32 is the best price . . . I think it's a good investment. Sisters o' mine, imagine the dresses I'll make you!

I know no one's going to buy me this for Christmas but I can still post it, can't I? I used to be dead set on the white but now, the light blue has caught my eye recently. But white's so versatile. And then there's always the red. . .

I've not read this one yet .

Once upon a time, I didn't understand people who cringed at the word "holiday shopping". I wrote them off as grumpy pessimists who just want to whine about something. But now, I get it. When you work full time, when do you find time? Weekends are horrific at the mall. And who as the energy to shop after work? (Actually I did today. . . and it was predictably miserable).
I have yet to alert my family as to what I need or want. I just stopped caring, I guess. Unlike my extremely savvy younger sister, who made an excel spread sheet and emailed it to all of us. I did make fun of her for it, but even I have to admit. . . the girl's got moxie.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Orange Glow - Simian

Did a little shopping with Peas today, after our coffee/book buying date (Matt came to coffee). I tried to convince myself that I should only be Christmas shopping for other people, but that idea didn't stick around for long. My sense of selfish entitlement is through the roof lately. "I deserve this", is my mantra. My Pops refers to me as the "ultimate consumer". I don't think it's THAT bad. But what do I know? I could justify a purchase in a court of law, if need be.
The sundress, that I'm wearing in the above photo was bought at Urban last week. Today I was browsing Emma's Closet and realized my outfit was simliar one of her's. Which made me smile because she's got really cool style. Difference languages, different time zones. . .but we've still got common interests.

(Photo: borrowed from Emma , but I'm writing her an email to make sure she doesn't mind. . . )

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Al DiMeola

I don't know about you, but the winter blues have already set in for me. This time of year always forces me to think about whether or not my year has been successful. And this year has been fairly uneventful (and I'm mincing my words here). Parts of it have been downright disappointing, more so, than other years. The Christmas spirit has yet to hit me and I've done no shopping yet.

Currently, life isn't perfect. It never is, but really. . .
The weather? Cold.
My current job? Uninspiring.
My inspiration? A little dry.
My outlook? Bleak.

These things can change quickly and they usually do, but as I was driving home tonight, it was eating me alive. . .

. . .but, I re-routed my trip and swung by my mother's church. My mother and her friends were wrapping donated presents for children of needy families. The room was filled to the brim with toys and clothes. They received so many donations, but they didn't have enough hands to wrap all the gifts! Something about putting bows on boxes full of clothes for little children made me smile and melted the winter cold, which had seeped it's way into my heart. Next time you're feeling the blues, try doing something nice for someone else. It sounds so cheesy, but it's so very true. The problems may not disappear completely, but they'll go on a coffee break and give you a moment to smile.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deer Stop - Goldfrapp

In proud honor of the holiday season's first snow (for the DC area), I present to you Goldfrapp (my favourite winter/hibernation music). As I probably will work from home tomorrow (the roads were a mess today), I see myself listening to some Goldfrapp and musing. Goldfrapp's music has delighted me since 2003. Haunting, mesmerizing, sensual and just plain weird . . . it's something, everyone needs in their music collection.

Goldfrapp posters were all plastered all over Shoreditch throughout most of the winter of 2003. Who is this striking woman who favors images of animals doing strange things and top hats? Definitely a style maker with an impossibly beautiful voice. (When Alison Goldfrapp sports a short black dress and a top hat, I feel empowered to do the same).

Will and I used to listened to "Black Cherry", when we would get ready for work.

Federico and I classifiy it as "winter music". . . well actually Federico considers it "sex music", but I can't imagine a romantic tryst to the song "Oompa Radar". (What do you think of when you hear the word "oompa"? Yes. . . it sounds exactly like that).

And in the care package, which I sent Alex recently, I included a letter, a postcard book and all of my favourite Goldfrapp tunes. He absolutely loved them.

My Favourites:

Paper Bag - Makes me think of snow fall.
Hairy Trees - Makes me think of sunlight passing through the trees on a winter day.
Let It Take You - Makes me think of the ocean, washing over me.

Now go seek those songs (and others), drink some coffee liquor and cuddle with someone nice.

(All photos kindly borrowed from: Goldfrapp's Myspace . . . but not the Starbuck's one.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baby Doll - N.E.R.D.

I still hate Facebook. I think the site is too obnoxious. Too much going on. Too much information being presented to you. But I have to admit, this is a really cute baby.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Real - Lupe Fiasco (feat. Sarah Green)

You don't have to love Banksy . You don't even have to like him. (Although, I do). But whatever you may feel for him, you cannot deny that he is one of the most influential artists of the 21st century. He is a tongue-in-cheek, political commentator who is totally changing the way we view art and the world around us.
Banksy has returned to Bethlehem to paint murals around the city (including the West Bank barrier), which is all part of an exhibition taking place in the city, today.

His work is scattered all around East London and illustrated my days as I rode the train and bus to work. Apparently, when I went to Sweden in the summer of 2003, I missed the event of the summer (an opening of a Banksy show). Everyone I knew that lived in London, was there.
Even if you don't like him, you have to admit that this is one of the best pranks. It demands respect. Plus, he gives his art away for free which I think is pretty respectable.
Photos: BBC

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bluebirds - Cinematic Orchestra

Today The Thinker and I went to ballet (yes, I recruited a friend). Afterwards, we went browsing in Georgetown. This was similar to my typical Sunday in London. Shopping at the markets, with maybe an activity or a friendly get-together squeezed in somewhere. DC hasn't got any really amazing markets, so I make do with what I've got. At Barney's Co-Op, (as usual) I oogled the Comme Des Garcons wallets. Then I came home and found this one on eBay. I hope I win it!

(I also got a sundress from Urban Outfitters but I'm too lazy to take photos of it. . . it was on super sale, ten bucks!)

Coding - Tripoli

I am quite behind on all my magazines. . . but when I read this month's Elle, I fell in love with the dress that Scarlett Johansson wears on the cover. I am not too kean on the boob bunching detail in the bust, but I think I could work around it. It is just a gorgeous dress.

Then, I went to look at the rest of the Giorgio Armani's Fall 2007 Ready-To-Wear collection and I absolutely fell in love. (And you will too!)