Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Endless Love - Frost (Royksopp Analoge Euromiks)

All I want to do in the winter time is take baths and curl up in my pajamas with a book.
I am feeling good and girly now.
Can't stop reading "Amanda's Wedding". It feels weird to admit in a public forum that I like this sort of stuff but, I LOVE IT. Plus it puts a smile on your face because it's sweet (though often predictable. . . girl goes with wrong boy, because girl is not willing to take a risk on slightly off beat boy, etc. etc.). And they read really quickly.

Plus, I have girly electronica music. Reminds me of living in London and dancing in my room to the Royksopp remix of Endless Love, while I was getting ready to meet my friends at a bar. (Sigh). But in Virginia I don't wanna go out because it's too cold. Just one stay in and read and wish. . .

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