Monday, January 8, 2007

Everyday I Have The Blues - Louis Armstrong

Today was a fairly shitty day. No need to go into it on here. But on the upside, I found pictures of the Marni dress I adore. I think Marni is probably my favorite brand which I absolutely cannot afford. I love how everything looks like it could have been hand made by a crafty friend. Three years ago, I came across a beautiful brown, summery apron top by Marni at Century 21. At the time, the price tag of $114 seemed too steep for me (slaps forehead). I have been kicking myself ever since because in my younger years, I had no idea what a gem, I had stumbled upon. (Recently, I scoured Century 21 for any signs of Marni. . .in vain).
Anyhow, here is the dress on a model:

And here it is on Rachel Zoe:

I think this dress would look pretty nice on me (because I would fill it out and it wouldn't look like the dress was eating me alive). Half of me wants to dig out the sewing machine and run to the fabric store (I think I can, I think I can). The lazier half of me just keeps a close watch on eBay. . .

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