Saturday, January 27, 2007

Everyone's Rooting For You - Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down Quartet

Sometimes, I forget in the winter time that it takes extra efforts for me to be happy (because of the crappy weather). I have to try extra hard to feel creative and joyful. Sometimes it takes a little extra push. Today Sofia and and I had one of our lazy weekend days which consisted of breakfast at the bagel cafe, the library, Salvation Army, Starbucks and Barnes and Noble. It was pretty nice. This is what I wore:

Perfectly normal outfit, yet still raised some eyebrows in the library (I hate suburbia, I swear. . . ). Sofia calls my boots the "slut boots" because they have a little heel. I never thought I would be a gal who wore boots with a heel either, however these were cheap and they go well with a whole lot of outfits. In two months, I have gotten the $30 out of them and much beyond.
At Salvation Army, we both looked for oxfords similar to this:

I found a really nice pair of Salvatore Ferragamos which were $13 (with the Dr. Scholl inserts still stuck inside), but they were a little too big. Pooh. Will continue to look. I was surprised that most of the shoes were too big for me, as I wear a US ladies 10 (UK 8, Eur 41).
For me, the equivalent of sugary cake with lots of frosting, is a big stack of British Chick Lit. Lately, I've been trying to finish too many novels which require focus and brains. I'm officially taking a break. It is the winter! It is cold and grey and ugly. Why punish myself by reading things which require brain cells? Also, slightly depressing books, such as Savage Beauty and London Fields, aren't going to help my seasonal unhappiness. So I'm switching it up with these lovelies.

I plopped my stack of books on the table down next to Sofia at the library. She looked up from her art history text book and said "That's a whole lot of crap, you got there". I rubbed my hands together gingerly and said "hmmm-mmm. . . just the way I like it".

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