Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fur Teacup - Tipsy

Today (yesterday, whatever, Sunday), it would not stop raining. Went to the mall with Sofia for a few hours, but once we came out, it was gross. Wet. No fun. So, I did what I do on most rainy nights, and that's go and eat dinner with my sister and her boyfriend James. They are two of the funniest people you can ever hope to meet. Throw in two bottles of wine and they are an absolute riot. A few weeks ago, Aisha was featured on a public access tv show, modeling fur coats. She looked like something out of a russian soap opera.

Now I don't feel a huge need to use this blog to step up on my ethical soap box, but I really hate fur. I think it's pretty gross. But I had to admit, this show captivated me. . .because it was so ridiculous. By the way, that man (the fur dealer) has the personality of a soggy french fry. (And that panda is made out of fur. And yes, I too just threw up in my mouth a little). The older lady is the mother of one of my sister's real estate friends. She seems kind of sweet, with a strong (Austrian/German?) accent. She just makes everything seem so "fabulous dahlin'", in a not-quite-Cruella-De-Vil sort of way.
One thing you must know about my older sister is that she has the ability to turn anything into an Absolutely Fabulous episode.

Here she is, wearing a ridiculous hat, coat and her friend's borrowed prescription sunglasses.

She wanted to up the ante on the glamour factor in her outfit. By doing so, she nearly blinded herself (and her friend) and could not properly see where she was walking, thus resulting in a near accident. My sister is quite easily my hero.

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James said...

By bottles, don't you mean vats? LOL. By the way, that video is on my Tivo, it can be uploaded to Youtube for hosting on your blog...