Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Oh Muji!

When I first met Sofia, I was unemployed (freshly returned from London) and she was out on a school break, so we spent tons of time getting to know each other (reading magazines in Barnes and Noble, eating late breakfasts, etc). Since I didn't have work today and she's out on holiday, we had a nostalgic day. We both woke up late and we were suppose to make breakfast together but we quickly lost interests in that idea and decided to sit around and drink tea. I'm slowly (but surely) wittling my way through a massive stack of magazines, which need to be sorted and recycles. I like to clip a couple pictures for inspiration here and there.
Later, we went to Target (only to find the last scraps of the disappointing Behnaz Sarapour collection), the town centre and Barnes and Noble/Starbucks. Lazy. . . anyhow at Target I bought an adaptor for this cd player:

When I first bought this cd player, I was assured by a very eager-to-make-a-quick-sale, shop boy that all I needed was a simple adaptor and bam!, it would work in the US. Two years later, I am still searching for an adaptor which will work. What annoys me most, is I, (being the idiot I am for cool design), bought TWO of these little non working things. One for myself, to have at my house in London and one for my father for Christmas, to keep at our house in Virginia. The one in London worked fine and served me well, but the one in the US has never worked and I have tried THREE different adaptors now. I think I'm going to write Muji and see if they can help me out. It really bugged me then (and now), that their sales assistant sold me a product which he knew nothing about and then when I tried to return it, they wouldn't let me. Should I write them?

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