Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Party Day - Cosmo Vitelli

Bon anniversaire, ma Mere! Yesterday, my Mum got not just one assortment of cakes (from her daughters, who can't bake)

not two cakes (the second from a friend who is always so kind to remember)

But THREE cakes!

(Okay, yeah, this wasn't her third cake. . . the third was homemade by my Grammy, but my mother's already stuffed it in the freezer before I could take a picture of it).
I made a joke that my mother was like Marie Antoinette.

She didn't get it.
Today I watched "Imagine Me & You". As a whole, the film didn't really grab me (although I love a film which takes place in London). But dear god did it have some funny British sayings in it.
"He'd f*ck an open wound"
"About as useful as a fart in a jam jar".
I look forward to integrating these into my own common northern Va. jabber.


Aisha said...
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etoilee8 said...

Dude, you misspelled bake. Can you do it, if you can't spell it :) ?