Monday, January 29, 2007

Une Histoire D'Amoure - Gabin

Sometime recently, I realized my mother and I hardly knew each other. We live in the same house, yet in the recent years we managed to grow so very far apart. As I have witnessed two friends lose their mothers, I realize we can't go on like this. So lately I've been making a concentrated effort to try and get along, eat together, discuss things, etc. Today my Mum and I bonded. Which means we drove to different stores and returned things for cheaper things and bought multiples of very cheap things.

But she did something very kind (and a little out of the ordinary), and treated me to a Calvin Klein underwear set! Wowee! (She had a store credit . . .but that's besides the point). Calvin Klein underwear is one of my favorite things.

Many years ago, I use to buy Victoria's Secret. One day I realized, they only really looked good on girls like her:

The rest of us, unfortunately end up looking slutty and ridiculous.

Calvin Klein underwear is amazing because he's got something for everyone. The chesty and the not-so-chesty. His shelf bras fit like a dream. I have nearly enough of CK undie sets for a full work week. Which means it's time to chuck out the cheap, old, Vickie's Dirty Secrets.
I first got into CKs when I was living in London and realized how highly regarded they were on that side of the pond. The print's are beautiful, simple but never cheap looking. (And you can always find them on sale here!)

Whenever I buy his underwear, I just want to put it on immediately and lie around the house all day, reading Milan Kundera and speaking in a french accent.

It is essentially the poor man's Agent Provocateur.

Which one day I also hope to graduate to.

I think tomorrow when I'm at work, I shall re-write "My Favorite Things", in my head while substituting the original lyrics for things I love.

These days, I do whatever I can, to get through the day. . .

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