Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wait In A Line- Now It's Overhead

Around this time of year, I always find myself waiting aimless at the mail box for an outrageous splurge, which I bought purely because I lusted after it for months, stumbled into money and needed something clever and smart to cheer me up and get me through my winter funk. Last year my Winter Waiting Prized Possession 2006 was this Kara Janx dress.

1. It took months to get this dress because it was constantly on back order. Kara's site was malfunctioning, so I never got an email or anything and wondered what was up. (I ended up having several phone conversations with her about the dress status)
2. When I finally got a dress 1.5 months after having placed my order, it had a stain on the lower half, so I sent it back.
3. The dresses were on backorder AGAIN, so I finally went up to New York myself, knocked on the door of her studio and collected my dress in person.

UPDATE: In retrospect, if someone had told me that my treasured kimono dress would get the ugliest sweat stains you've ever seen, I'd be a bit richer (because it would have stayed in the studio)! Sweaty Betties, heather gray polyester is not the fabric for you.

UPDATE 2: Sour grapes (you know who you are)!

This year my Winter Waiting Prized Possession 2007 are these ankle boots. I have admired them since I got my Anthropologie autumn catalog in August

1. They were constantly on backorder from Anthropologie (I tend to think Anthropologie is overpriced anyway, and wanted to find another retailer to support).
2. I ordered them on December 26 (yes, Christmas was pretty bleak in my house. . . you want it, buy it yourself). Yesterday, after sending a "Where The Hell Are My Shoes?" email to www.letrainbleu.com, I found out that somehow, my order was placed, my card was charged, the shoes were never shipped. Grrr.
3. I'm feeling the deja vu here. Because I've waited so long, they will ultimately be disappointing. (My guess is, they'll run small and won't fit my giant size 10 feet).
I'll keep you posted.

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