Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Winterlude. . .

Here's Sofia working hard on her meatballs and me, I'm being vain. This is my favorite winter outfit. It's super cozy. The sweater dress, leggings and boots look. The sweater dress was a surprising/cheap find from a store I don't usually buy from. Sofia came across it and I rushed out to get one too and although the qualities a little cheap (it's already got tons of beady balls), it's still really cozy.
Those boots I never would have thought would be with me this long. They were purchased in London (Aldo) to help me brave the cold, wet, UK winter and have surprisingly became a winter staple. I'll be sad when they finally fall apart (as they've been threatening for years).
The tweedish bomber jacket is a Rude piece which I acquired when I worked for them. I miss those days. Many of their pieces, always struck me as somewhat fashion forward at first, but everything I've ever had has grown on me and become my most favorite wardrobe pieces.
OH and the scarf, cost me less than a dollar. Go to the fabric store, go through the scrap pile and find a piece of long jersey fabric! Voila! No American Apparel overpriced scarves needed!

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