Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Yesterday's Purchases

One of the best kept secrets in Washington DC is the houseware section at various Urban Outfitters. DC isn't exactly the most artistically inclined city on the east coast and so if you like art books, you're guarenteed to find something on super duper mark down at an Urban Outfitters. I have a love hate relationship with that store. It's got some good things for sure, but it's also known for carrying labels which are overpriced and bad quality (I can attest to that). Anyhow here we are:

The ballet flats were pretty cheap as I can never say "no" to good ballet flats on sale. The book "Bohemian Modern", I had admired for some time. It wasn't dirt cheap but it was a third of the original price. It features all these beautiful houses from Silver Lake, California. (And lots of cute 70's style illustrations). There's plenty of empty loft spaces, which will give me clever ideas for my place in New York (when I finally make the big move). "The Great Escape" was super cheap and is full of modern illustration and photography, from the same people who did Romantik and Wonderland. I find in the winter, my inspiration really runs dry so I'm damned determined to get inspired, people.
The dress I've had my eye on, since the early fall. Nothing from Barney's Co-Op is ever cheap . . . however it was practically 50% off and I knew I wouldn't get it any cheaper. After fighting the crowds at Century 21 last month, I have learned that I'd rather just bite the bullet and pay whatever sale price is at the store, than lost my sanity over something which is $10 cheaper than what it would have been on sale at the store. Don't you agree?

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