Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All Thee Above - Dani Siciliano

As I work through the winter months, I realize the cold, darkness of winter is really getting to me this time around (seasonal and location depression if you will). In high school, I would just listen to some Portishead, take a nap after school and that would make things better. But it's just not so easy anymore (it never really was). Today I was listening to this song by Dani Siciliano (as I was winding down from my jog) and I realized the words had some relevance "you made you choices, no fear, no regret, but you choose to forget, all the above. . . ". Sometimes we make choices and whether or not we regret them, we have to stand by them and say "yeah, I said all that. . . why did I do that. . . ?" and deal with the consequences. Sometimes it's for the better, sometimes it's not. . .
I love her art work.

And it tickles me that she's got an album titled "Slappers". (American translation- Slapper: refers to a sexually promiscuous person, usually female. )
One night I was walking down Kingsland Road in East London, meeting a friend to go to a concert. I was on my little happy cloud nine, skipping through the streets and avoiding the puddles of piss and god-knows-what-else. As I walk under my favorite graffittied underpass, this overweight Afro-Caribbean girl, passes me to my right, looks at me out of the corner of her eye and hisses "slapper!", under her breath. I had on this skirt (in the picture) and a Vivienne Westwood sweater. It was indeed a high point of my life.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John

This song used to be my song on myspace. For me, it illustrates the happiness I experience during late summer and early fall. It brings back some memories. Lately there's been a lot of buzz about it (Jane mag says it was all over the runways of a/w 2007 for New York Fashion Week). In typical music snobbery fashion, I sighed and rolled my eyes, knowing that the cat was out of the bag. However this video concretes the fact that it is definitely one of the best songs to come out of 2006, for sure! I love how it looks like a cartoon from the sixties. Johnny Quest, anyone?

Don't Need A Reason - Beth Orton

I found this photo of my younger sister, posing for a friend. When she's not dressing up like a wealthy, old woman for shits and giggles, she does a little modeling on the side of working a full time job. She is a fit model for one of nyc's many fashion schools. She's a busy girl.

Last week I watched "How To Marry A Millionaire", for the first time ever. I loved it and now know why it is such a classic. Marilyn Monroe may not have been the best actress ever, but she had a loveable charm, that just makes you want to pull her close and give her a hug. My favorite scene is the fashion show (surprised, right?). I love the idea that fashion shows in the 50's were personalized for different customers. And I love how all the girls come out and sit on these little stands like little perched birds. It made me think of these blinds made by my good friend Abi, who lives in London. If I had a window these would fit, I'd buy either the birds or the leaves. Either way, you can get more information at: . . . check it out!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong (Piano Works)

I woke up this morning to this. I had a full day planned ahead of me, but instead, I ate breakfast and went back to bed.
The DC metropolitan area is not at all equipped for snow. As a matter of fact, if anyone hollars "snow", you'll most likely to whip people into a frenzy. Grocery store shelves will empty, people will drive like the world is ending. It's always struck me as kind of stupid, because it's something we deal with every year. Why not just get used to it?
On the upside, snow, acts as a forced vacation for many people. We work very hard in this area. (Too hard, in some people's opinion). With a median income of $90,000 per a household (according to a recent study), you can see how some people have to be forced to take a vacation. When it snows, people relax and come together. We shovel snow with their neighbors, hell, even talk to our neighbors! It's really quite nice. Some people, like my Father and one of our neighbors, hide out at nearby cafes (across the lake to be precise), drinking beer and catching up. Why can't we just do this in our normal lifestyle?

However, snow means that all fashion flies out the window, for practicalities sake. I mean, who am I kidding? DC is the capital of many things, but in general, fashion isn't one of them! When it snows, bodies disappear under giant down coats and practical yet ugly winter boots (myself included). I guess it goes back to that whole "end of the world" mentality. Who has time to plan an outfit when your worrying about getting to work? However, in the Nordic regions, snow and cold weather is never a surprise. And it certainly doesn't stop these kids from having fun. Here's a couple of my favourite recent photos from: and

This is my favorite. I love the huge scarf. I love the fact that she's not dressed to the nines but she still looks cute while being practical. Imagine that. . .

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Run - Air

Somewhere stuck in that giant pile of shoes (and that's not even all of them), is a pair of Nike air rifts. And lately, they've been getting a lot of use. Part of my winter self medicating (besides a whole lot of shopping) is physical fitness. All it takes is a weekend of hanging out with my younger sister (who happens to be taller, slimmer and in much need of a stick to beat the boys off), to make me feel like a teapot (short and stout, here is my handle. . . )
Lately, I've been feeling particularly beastly. So I have thrown myself into a new exercise regime and am ruefully paying the price with achey limbs. Everyday this week, besides trying to avoid the ample eating opportunities at my work, I have jogged around the lake behind my house and followed it up with 200 sit ups. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to the sit ups because I hate running just, that, much. I hate running more than anything on this planet. But I grudge on. The pain is equisite in a good way. And it will get easier. I hope (pray). Anyways, I made a playlist called "Move It, Fatty". And I've discovered the best songs for certain activities:

I Feel Like A Champion While Jogging If I Listen To:

1. Bottle Rocket by the Go! Team
2. Empty Streets by Late Night Alumni (best for jogging on cold winter nights)
3. Sing It Back by Moloko (remixed by Judge Jules and Tall Paul)
4. River of Freedom by Deee-Lite
5. Seven Days In Sunny June by Jamiroquai

I Do Sit Ups At An Excelerated Speed If I Listen To:

1. Chipmunk by Mr. Scruff
2. Not So Blue by Quantic (The best! You will keep up with the rhythm and find yourself having fun.)
3. Love Box by Groove Armada
4. Where Are You by The Moonflowers
5. Wordy Rappinghood by Jacques Lu Cont (bonus points if you can make out the words and mimick the little girl voices while you exercise)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Today was New Underwear Day! That's right, New Underwear. Almost a holiday, but no one knows about it, except for you. Something about wearing crisp, new underwear, makes me feel so excited in the morning when I'm putting them on. And all during the day, when I remember, I smile to myself. That's probably a sad thing to admit in a public forum. . .but we all have our things.
These were $2.50 at Urban Outfitters and remind me of a time when the air was clean and families used to dress in matching outfits and sing together.

And all day, while I sat on the toilet, I found myself humming happily and glancing down at the little birds which adorned my undergarments. And then I would remember that I was sitting on the toilet, at work. And I should probably come out before my co-workers started to believe I might be having a nervous breakdown.

Headphones (0 Remix) - Bjork

It's Friday and I am barely surviving. Getting out of bed alone is always a struggle for me on Friday (and pretty much any other day). Today was no different. But I was on time (a pleasant change). Anyways, I was minding my own business, sorting mail and listening to music when a co-worker came up and mentioned that headphones are outlawed in our office. Yeah? And? It was kind of like that moment in high school when someone comes up and politely tells you that your bra strap is showing. You may already know it, but you don't need someone to call it out. The main reason why I wear my headphones is so that people will not talk to me. It's nothing personal, at all. I just don't want to be talked to. What happened to my god given right to ignore my co-workers? Geez. I'm hope this blog doesn't get me dooced. (
Quick, cover your ass! I generally do like my work. It's got plenty of perks. Like the fact that it's so close to my house that I can go home for lunch, read mags and eat a salad (like I did today) and blog. As a matter of fact, in the near future, I will write a blog about all the perks (and disappointments) of my many occupations and see which occupation has the best perks.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gold Is Your Metal - Themroc

Patrick calls it "god's flashlight". Patrick has a description for everything. Friday night wore us out for the rest of the weekend. And as we trudged through the empty Manhattan streets at 8:30 in the morning, I wished for nothing more than to have my aviators tucked away at the bottom of my purse, to block the blinding light and the memories of a sleepless night. But atleast I was in good company. Then it hurt my eyes, now it's a happy memory.

This is also gold and makes me happy. I've been searching for the perfect little jacket (all winter long) and I think I've found it. I bought one from Urban Outfitters a couple of days ago, but I think I'm going to return it because it's made of this horrible itchy polyester. I'd probably wear it a couple times and then regret having bought it as itchy equals unwearable. But this little ditty. . . hmmm. .. .

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Days To Come - Bonobo (feat. Bajka)

Sorry I've been m.i.a. and a bad blogger lately. Sofia and I boarded a very noisy bus to New York City last Friday.
Of course I went shopping. I bought practical and boring things like cheap cashmere henley's from Uniqlo and a french terry sweatshirt (mostly because I was cold).

But my favorite purchase was this Urban Outfitters flannel, shirt. It fits quite nicely and was pretty cheap. Half off the redline folks, run, don't walk (this is the only time their clothing's really worth the price tag).

We had an awesome and very tiring weekend.

Sometime during the course of the weekend, I realized this is the place I shall call "home" (for a little bit). It actually felt like "home" this time. It's time for me to go.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Day - Telepopmusik

Yup, that bird's definitely poopin' hearts. A special design (by your's truly) for someone quite special.


Lately, I've been craving a red dress. I always want a red dress. It has nothing to do with a stupid holiday created in order to stress us all out. Anyhow, I saw this one from the Topshop a/w 07 show today. The power of having a sewing machine is that when you see things like this, you think, "everyone else has to wait for it but I. . . " and then the wheels start turning in your head.

Monday, February 12, 2007

(Still) Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

I don't care what anyone says. I love them (and yes, their music too). I congratulate them. And I congratulate them on having a tongue and using it in this time of great moral injustice (in America). People seem to think that if you disagree with the current administration, that, that makes to un-American. That's a load of crap. I'm American. And I'm not pleased.

Their style has come a looooong way. But lately, I'd say these chicks look awesome. They've got moxie.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell

It's funny how hangovers have that strange effect on you that makes you wish you were never born. Today, I woke up, went to brunch, suffered from dry mouth and dizzy spells all day and decided I had really made my mark on February and maybe it was time to lay low for a while.

Weekend begin with a fairly innocent soiree celebrating Sofia's birthday. (Happy Birthday Sofia!)

All was going swimmingly until the birthday girl fell ill.

Atleast she had good company to comfort her.

Last night I ended up at a party and crawled into bed at 6:30am. The night seems like such a blur. This morning I had brunch with my family at this beautiful restaurant called the Carlyle Grand. It is 30's art deco style. Such a beautiful place, such a pity I was so ill. The only good thing about winter, is the beautiful sunsets (see above). . .
I spent the rest of the day watching movies and lying around. Early to bed. Work tomorrow.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Last Tango In Paris - Gotan Project

Am I the only person who doesn't have a pashmina?
Sofia has many, Meredyth has one, Aisha has a couple, even Mum and Grammy. It was one of those things that I've always meant to buy but yet, never gotten around to it. This picture makes me want one even more.

A couple weeks ago, I watched the film "Clean". I was absolutely blown away by the brilliant colors, the fact that it takes place in three cool cites (Vancouver, Paris and San Francisco), and strangely I was charmed by the self-destructive female lead. At first you don't want to feel for her, because she seems so stubborn and careless. She's got this beautiful accent, she's tri-lingual and yet she's ruined her life by drugs. It is an excellent film. Plus it's got cameos by both Metric and Tricky (who comes across as a bit of a jerk. . . but hopefully he's only playing a character, because I happen to be a fan of him).

I became obsessed with Emily's (the female lead), red knitted scarf. Now I want one. It's a great color. A red pashmina actually. Now I have to get ready to face the cold for dinner with friends and a party in DC. I wish I had that red pashmina now!

Fall Break - Aim

Brrrrr. Aim is cold weather music for sure. Makes me feel warm inside. has had a large amount of new merchandise come in. . . some quite likable things.

They've started carrying the British brand, Ted Baker. The girlshop selections don't quite have that chav-tastic edge that Ted Baker seems to carry in London. Me-likey.

I also really like these trousers by Geren Ford. Lately Sofia has been mentioning how tired she is of skinny leg jeans. I concur friend, I concur. It's nice to see some not-so-skinny trousers.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Aht Uh Mi Hed - Shuggie Otis

I can't believe how cold it is here.
I can't believe how much I love this beautiful song. It sounds amazingly current for something circa 1974.
Some of my favourites from

I swear therefore I am . . .

I've always liked this t-shirt. I might as well just file for unemployment, call it a day and go to the bar where this bear drinks and smokes and pull up a stool next to him.

Such a cute little monster.

Ladies, this is Brian Ehardt. Brian says he doesn't want a girlfriend because he doesn't feel like spending money. I think that sounds like the "losers" anthem to me. Brian is a catch. At the tender age of 19, this kid already carries his own weight (and he weighs a lot), in my architecture and interior design firm. He's bright, funny and he drives a BMW (for the superficial girlies). . . oh and he has muscles. His politics are a bit screwy (but you can reel him in) but he's got good morals. If anyone would like to date him, hit me up.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Come In From The Cold - Joni Mitchell

We live for sunday brunch with friends and family.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Millionaire - Kelis

Today was a lucrative day. My sister and I both decided to take action and start investing hard earned funds in meaningful ways. Than we smugly patted ourselves on the back and ran to Target to blow more cash on Proenza Schouler stuff. (I swear there was stuff out today that was not out yesterday). But I'm not gonna keep everything I've bought. . .

I also bought some sweet shoes from Payless (my favourite "Shoe Souce". . .). If we ever become millionaires (maybe not in this lifetime), I guarentee you, we'll still be tearin' up Target and Payless.

Friday, February 2, 2007

I Wanna Rock! - Junior Sanchez!

What a fantastic, fatabulous friday. Why? Because it's Friday. And my local Target (like many others), put out the new Proenza Schouler a little early. I little birdie (cough, Sofia) called me from my desk and put me in a panic "Did you get my message? Target put it out earlier". Thank god it was 4:45pm. . . after I heard the news, I started to get nervous and twitchy until I could no longer take it. I shut down my computer, and drove like a madwoman to Target. Luckily, there were a few things left. (Though the dresses and coats went quick). I got the awesome swing coat and striped tee. I got a thing for stripes. . . no denying it. I'm contemplating going back tomorrow to buy some additional pieces. . . hmmm.

I am also very pleased for You-Tube. . . which now has Skins (new E4 UK drama) in segments, available to watch. It's just too cold to go out. So at least I've got some good entertainment.