Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't Need A Reason - Beth Orton

I found this photo of my younger sister, posing for a friend. When she's not dressing up like a wealthy, old woman for shits and giggles, she does a little modeling on the side of working a full time job. She is a fit model for one of nyc's many fashion schools. She's a busy girl.

Last week I watched "How To Marry A Millionaire", for the first time ever. I loved it and now know why it is such a classic. Marilyn Monroe may not have been the best actress ever, but she had a loveable charm, that just makes you want to pull her close and give her a hug. My favorite scene is the fashion show (surprised, right?). I love the idea that fashion shows in the 50's were personalized for different customers. And I love how all the girls come out and sit on these little stands like little perched birds. It made me think of these blinds made by my good friend Abi, who lives in London. If I had a window these would fit, I'd buy either the birds or the leaves. Either way, you can get more information at: . . . check it out!

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