Friday, February 2, 2007

I Wanna Rock! - Junior Sanchez!

What a fantastic, fatabulous friday. Why? Because it's Friday. And my local Target (like many others), put out the new Proenza Schouler a little early. I little birdie (cough, Sofia) called me from my desk and put me in a panic "Did you get my message? Target put it out earlier". Thank god it was 4:45pm. . . after I heard the news, I started to get nervous and twitchy until I could no longer take it. I shut down my computer, and drove like a madwoman to Target. Luckily, there were a few things left. (Though the dresses and coats went quick). I got the awesome swing coat and striped tee. I got a thing for stripes. . . no denying it. I'm contemplating going back tomorrow to buy some additional pieces. . . hmmm.

I am also very pleased for You-Tube. . . which now has Skins (new E4 UK drama) in segments, available to watch. It's just too cold to go out. So at least I've got some good entertainment.

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