Saturday, February 10, 2007

Last Tango In Paris - Gotan Project

Am I the only person who doesn't have a pashmina?
Sofia has many, Meredyth has one, Aisha has a couple, even Mum and Grammy. It was one of those things that I've always meant to buy but yet, never gotten around to it. This picture makes me want one even more.

A couple weeks ago, I watched the film "Clean". I was absolutely blown away by the brilliant colors, the fact that it takes place in three cool cites (Vancouver, Paris and San Francisco), and strangely I was charmed by the self-destructive female lead. At first you don't want to feel for her, because she seems so stubborn and careless. She's got this beautiful accent, she's tri-lingual and yet she's ruined her life by drugs. It is an excellent film. Plus it's got cameos by both Metric and Tricky (who comes across as a bit of a jerk. . . but hopefully he's only playing a character, because I happen to be a fan of him).

I became obsessed with Emily's (the female lead), red knitted scarf. Now I want one. It's a great color. A red pashmina actually. Now I have to get ready to face the cold for dinner with friends and a party in DC. I wish I had that red pashmina now!


MataHari said...

I love scarfs too; personally, they complete an outfit in a very elegant way. ¿Do you know where Keri bought that gorgeous scarf? I've been looking for so long... I need someone who tells me, because I don't live in the United States.
Well, thanks and take care.

etoilee8 said...

I was just about to write another post about scarves, as I've collected more since I wrote this over a year ago. H&M has excellent scarves this season and you should also check eBay. eBay is a great source for almost anything!