Saturday, February 24, 2007

Run - Air

Somewhere stuck in that giant pile of shoes (and that's not even all of them), is a pair of Nike air rifts. And lately, they've been getting a lot of use. Part of my winter self medicating (besides a whole lot of shopping) is physical fitness. All it takes is a weekend of hanging out with my younger sister (who happens to be taller, slimmer and in much need of a stick to beat the boys off), to make me feel like a teapot (short and stout, here is my handle. . . )
Lately, I've been feeling particularly beastly. So I have thrown myself into a new exercise regime and am ruefully paying the price with achey limbs. Everyday this week, besides trying to avoid the ample eating opportunities at my work, I have jogged around the lake behind my house and followed it up with 200 sit ups. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to the sit ups because I hate running just, that, much. I hate running more than anything on this planet. But I grudge on. The pain is equisite in a good way. And it will get easier. I hope (pray). Anyways, I made a playlist called "Move It, Fatty". And I've discovered the best songs for certain activities:

I Feel Like A Champion While Jogging If I Listen To:

1. Bottle Rocket by the Go! Team
2. Empty Streets by Late Night Alumni (best for jogging on cold winter nights)
3. Sing It Back by Moloko (remixed by Judge Jules and Tall Paul)
4. River of Freedom by Deee-Lite
5. Seven Days In Sunny June by Jamiroquai

I Do Sit Ups At An Excelerated Speed If I Listen To:

1. Chipmunk by Mr. Scruff
2. Not So Blue by Quantic (The best! You will keep up with the rhythm and find yourself having fun.)
3. Love Box by Groove Armada
4. Where Are You by The Moonflowers
5. Wordy Rappinghood by Jacques Lu Cont (bonus points if you can make out the words and mimick the little girl voices while you exercise)

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