Friday, February 23, 2007

Today was New Underwear Day! That's right, New Underwear. Almost a holiday, but no one knows about it, except for you. Something about wearing crisp, new underwear, makes me feel so excited in the morning when I'm putting them on. And all during the day, when I remember, I smile to myself. That's probably a sad thing to admit in a public forum. . .but we all have our things.
These were $2.50 at Urban Outfitters and remind me of a time when the air was clean and families used to dress in matching outfits and sing together.

And all day, while I sat on the toilet, I found myself humming happily and glancing down at the little birds which adorned my undergarments. And then I would remember that I was sitting on the toilet, at work. And I should probably come out before my co-workers started to believe I might be having a nervous breakdown.

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