Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong (Piano Works)

I woke up this morning to this. I had a full day planned ahead of me, but instead, I ate breakfast and went back to bed.
The DC metropolitan area is not at all equipped for snow. As a matter of fact, if anyone hollars "snow", you'll most likely to whip people into a frenzy. Grocery store shelves will empty, people will drive like the world is ending. It's always struck me as kind of stupid, because it's something we deal with every year. Why not just get used to it?
On the upside, snow, acts as a forced vacation for many people. We work very hard in this area. (Too hard, in some people's opinion). With a median income of $90,000 per a household (according to a recent study), you can see how some people have to be forced to take a vacation. When it snows, people relax and come together. We shovel snow with their neighbors, hell, even talk to our neighbors! It's really quite nice. Some people, like my Father and one of our neighbors, hide out at nearby cafes (across the lake to be precise), drinking beer and catching up. Why can't we just do this in our normal lifestyle?

However, snow means that all fashion flies out the window, for practicalities sake. I mean, who am I kidding? DC is the capital of many things, but in general, fashion isn't one of them! When it snows, bodies disappear under giant down coats and practical yet ugly winter boots (myself included). I guess it goes back to that whole "end of the world" mentality. Who has time to plan an outfit when your worrying about getting to work? However, in the Nordic regions, snow and cold weather is never a surprise. And it certainly doesn't stop these kids from having fun. Here's a couple of my favourite recent photos from: and

This is my favorite. I love the huge scarf. I love the fact that she's not dressed to the nines but she still looks cute while being practical. Imagine that. . .

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