Sunday, February 11, 2007

You Can Make Me Feel Bad - Arthur Russell

It's funny how hangovers have that strange effect on you that makes you wish you were never born. Today, I woke up, went to brunch, suffered from dry mouth and dizzy spells all day and decided I had really made my mark on February and maybe it was time to lay low for a while.

Weekend begin with a fairly innocent soiree celebrating Sofia's birthday. (Happy Birthday Sofia!)

All was going swimmingly until the birthday girl fell ill.

Atleast she had good company to comfort her.

Last night I ended up at a party and crawled into bed at 6:30am. The night seems like such a blur. This morning I had brunch with my family at this beautiful restaurant called the Carlyle Grand. It is 30's art deco style. Such a beautiful place, such a pity I was so ill. The only good thing about winter, is the beautiful sunsets (see above). . .
I spent the rest of the day watching movies and lying around. Early to bed. Work tomorrow.

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