Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bellissimo - Ilya

I'm suppose to be looking at apartments in NYC today but because I only got a few responses back, it snowed last night and I woke up with a scratchy throat, I put it off until tomorrow. Today has been a lazy, lazy lounge day. It looks cold outside. And grey. "May I suggest, that the heat is on". . . I've spent the day listening to Ilya and loafin' about in my pajamas. Finally showered and clean, I decided to write a blog dedicated to my bath products.

It's a safe educated guess to say that I have a bit of a problem. I love luxury bath goods. And cheap ones too. Taking a bath/shower can be such a revitalizing experience. Especially when you're not a morning person. I have to do so much to start my day off right. So why not pamper yourself with something nice? It doesn't even have to be expensive.

1. Henri Bendel, Wild Fig - I usually am not a fan of sweet scents, but this one is so yummy and light. It is positively fantastic and it sticks with you ($18, bought on sale for $5).

2. Henri Bendel, Rare Mimosa- Another, light and sweet scent. But it's really unusual. Both a wonderful start to a day (price same as above).

3. Bath and Body Works, Eucalyptus Spearmint - A while back, I vowed never to buy another Bath and Body Works product. When I was in the 8th grade, everyone shopped there. For birthdays your friends would get you a ton of smelly, fruity bath gels which would take years to be rid of and the mean girls would stand in the girls bathroom, hogging the mirror and spraying themselves down with Wild Apple or some crap. In short, I had an overdose and started to associate it with negative things (bitchy girls). But when they introduced their aromatherapy line, even I couldn't resist. This stuff smells so clean. (But it doesn't really stick with you all day). Showering is quite nice though ($12 bought on sale for $5).

4. Neutrogena, Rainbath - BEST OVERALL VALUE. You can find jugs (like the one pictured) of this stuff at discount stores if you look carefully. This scent is very basic but it's one of my favorites. It's extremely refreshing and it gets me excited about bath time. I can't put my finger on it, but I'll never grow tire of it (bought on sale for $15).

5. Ren, Seaweed and Sage- The most expensive product I own. However, I love the delicate sage and it's 100% natural fragrance. It reminds me of scrubbing up in London (it was one of the first luxuries I allowed myself).

And if you didn't think I had an addiction before reading all this. . . you sure do now. . . and Molton Brown. . . that's another story. . .

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