Thursday, March 8, 2007

Essence - Cocteau Twins

When I saw this, I got so excited and then I immediately felt nervous about how I would have to keep myself on a tight leash. And it doesn't help that the owner, Marni Frankel is such a fun, happy-go-lucky person. I use to buy gifts at her first shop, Honfleur Home when I worked across the street. Anyways. The DC metro area's first Marimekko shop is open for business:
The Marimekko® Concept Store
8519 Georgia Avenue
The Corner of Georgia & Ellsworth
I think it started as a mild obsession long before I knew even what it was. Their prints have always caught my eye, I was mesmerized by the bright colors and simplicity. It only got worse the summer I visited Sweden, Norway and Denmark. "You paid how much for that bag??" sputtered Anne (my Dad's ex girlfriend from the sixties who was so kind to take me in, while visiting Sweden). "Ummm, does it really matter? I love it!" Anne shook her head as if to mutter "you stupid kids spend money like it grows on trees".
But anyone that knows me, knows that Marimekko is an integral part of my life. My Grammy use to have a lot of Marimekko in her house in the 70's and my older sister's baby bibs were Marimekko. (Their children's stuff is so cute, when I have babies, they will blend in with striped decor because that's pretty much all they will wear).
Every Marimekko product I have ever bought has improved my life greatly. From the fabric which is guarenteed to breathe life into any space:

To the travel bag, shown here in Copenhagen which makes me want to be that neat, savvy traveller who races through the airport, looking chic because she packs just enough, so everything fits in one neat bag. To this day, I have never ONCE regretted purchasing that bag. I have gotten my money's worth and beyond. (Yes, that addidas bag was a crime against humanity. And once I realized how horrible it was, I ditched it. And yes, once upon a time, I used my ratty, soccer bag for travelling. Embarrassing. . .).

Not to mention the travel bag, I bought for my older sister for Christmas, like mine but beige, so she'd stop borrowing mine (that has also inproved my life).
A few spring time apparel picks, which I like. The first three, I want NOW. The last one, I can see myself wearing that and running through fields with my three babies. . .


MMKODC said...

You are wonderful! Perhaps we are sisters? Those are my favorite dresses in the entire summer collection. I'll email you once they arrive. You are lovely. And hilarious, too. P.S. The striped pencil form dress is called the Devian. I picked it because I thought it would flatter many, many people. And the blue-toned skirt is as gorgeous as it appears - yup, if it weren't worth the money, we wouldn't have it. You must be a relative.

etoilee8 said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the new merchandise. I can't believe we had the same picks! Great minds think alike or perhaps just complete and utter kindred spirits?