Saturday, March 24, 2007

Get It Together - TM Juke (feat. Bread & Water)

We've got some catching up to do. In the last seven days, I have:

- clocked more hours on the Chinatown bus, than any other person I know of, in a consecutive week. It is my new home-away-from-home. . . sleeping was impossible, on the way up, there was mass chaos, which maybe I will discuss later
- looked aimlessly for an apartment, no such luck.
- interviewed for a job position which really wasn't for me, but it's good to interview, I guess. . .
- all while keeping hours at my current job. . . and neclecting everything else in my life. My room is a hazard zone, my hair is a wreck and my friends. . . I miss seeing them.

In conclusion, I'm exhausted and I haven't even made the move yet. Not good. And I hate being too tired to exercise.
After my job interview, I was left with hours to kill and nothing to do in Manhattan, so I wondered into a wonderful, magical place. People. . . I have found my Selfridges! And it is a fantastic place called "Bergdorf Goodman".

I can hear the sounds of forehead slapping and a chorus of "duhs!", but I've honestly never been in before and now I know what all the fuss is about. So many beautiful things in one neat place. Even little eateries in the women's contemporary section. I've been living in suburbia and fashion dead zone (also know as DC metro), for far too long and I've forgotten how wonderful and special it is, to see the fashion which is on the runway, up close and person (instead of mangled knock offs which find their way to many a mall). I was smitten. And I even bought a present for someone.

It was a fantastically, exhausting day. And the man behind on the bus proceeded to talk to himself, the entire ride home. Life is grand.

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