Monday, March 12, 2007

The Horror - RJD2

Today I took the day off and I got a few things done.

1. Went to see "The Queen", which was really well done. Go see it, if you get a chance.
2. Went and browsed some stores and didn't buy anything (thank god!).
3. Did laundry (ever since I started exercising again, my laundry piles up so quickly).
4. Jogged/walked 3.5 miles.
5. Finished a book.
6. Found some ace illustration!

I read on stylebytes (, that was having a sale, so I had to check it out, even though I have more tshirts than I can ever wear (try working for a streetwear label and watch as your dresser drawers explode). Instead of finding a t-shirt I came across this graphic by a kid named John who goes by phazer3117. I love it. And I love Banksy, and I love this whole genre of stenciled graffiti.

I took a picture of the graphic below at a stoplight in my home town, the other day. Not bad for surburbia! Times are a changin'. . .

I'm also a huge fan of Fafi's work. If you're a fan, who lives in New York City and you wanna party with Fafi and gang on this week . . . check it out:

LeSportSac/Fafi Party
Thursday march 15
9pm -1am
640 W 28th St.
password: "FAFINESS"

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