Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You - Tom Waits (sung beautifully by Emiliana Torrini)

I am tired. And I am sick. My day went something like this:
6am- Alarm goes off, take shower, drive to DC.
7am- Find parking in DC and board bus to NYC, get kicked and annoyed all the way to NYC by the badly behaved, 3-year-old sitting behind me. . . this is why most people my age hate children.
11:30am - Arrive NYC, take subway to sister's apt, walk a country mile from subway.
1pm- Go for brunch with lil sis and friend.
3pm- View apt. in Brooklyn, fall in love with it, be told it might not be yours because a few people have viewed it already.
4pm- Pout and go back to the city.
4-5pm - Meet sister for coffee but can't find any place with no line.
5pm- Give up on coffee, and make a run for the bus.
5:45pm - Push way on bus because bus is overbooked (quel surprise!) and vow never to take bus after making first million.
10:45pm- Get home, fall into bed.

- Also bumped into two people I know. Small world. One whom I met recently at a party. . . one who was once a friend. The old friend and I ignored each other. I don't think we know each other anymore. Maybe we never really did.

I told myself not to fall in love with the apartment, but I did. . . no going back now. I don't think I'm going to get it though, so this whole day might have been a waste. For the joy of scaring people, I have posted a picture of my scary, sick girl bloated, bus face. I'm amazed someone sat next to me.


Sofia said...

I love that room. Really beautiful windows. You know, even if you don't get this one, I am sure there are a hundred similar ones in Brooklyn. You'll find your place.

Unknown said...

I live in that building (i know for sure- because my view is exactly the same, the windows, floor, curtains, everything are the same).. Small world. Found this blog in a random completely unrelated google search. This is one of the middle-sized lofts though, I have the large one with two bedrooms with an extra loft floor. It's a dream loft... This building now has a waiting list though. I lucked out and grabbed one a year ago before the brokers got to it.. Even managed to talk them down on the rent price! Man I am lucky.. Must remind myself this. Good day to you. Sorry to dig up an ancient post but I saw this in google images and had to click and then comment.

etoilee8 said...

What a sweet comment Unknown. You are very lucky! I of course did not get the apartment, but it would have been sweet. (Maybe it was for the better. The other roomies were stand offish and bit cold). I did however live in 950 Hart, which is right around the corner and I miss the shit out of that place. Anyway, you seem pretty cool. If you feel like identifying yourself, hit me up with an email: etoilee8 at gmail.