Monday, March 26, 2007

Picture This - Blondie

Etoilee8 (11:09:02 PM): dude Max, last week when I took the bus up to nyc for my job interview
Etoilee8 (11:09:12 PM): there was a Hasidic Jewish man on the bus
The Name Is Max (11:09:17 PM): uh huh
Etoilee8 (11:09:24 PM): he started his morning prayers with his prayer straps
Etoilee8 (11:09:33 PM): in short, the people next to me on the bus thought it was a bomb
Etoilee8 (11:09:46 PM): they were panicking and shouting and hyperventilating.
Etoilee8 (11:09:55 PM): it was one of the dumbest events in my life recently
Etoilee8 (11:10:29 PM): I had never seen it either. . . but something told me, it probably wasn't a bomb
The Name Is Max (11:11:15 PM): hahahahaha
The Name Is Max (11:11:17 PM): that's funny
The Name Is Max (11:11:22 PM): people are so ignorant
Etoilee8 (11:11:58 PM): seriously, most people outside of New York aren't gonna know much about Hasidic Judaism. .. .
Etoilee8 (11:12:06 PM): it's not exactly the most "open" religion
The Name Is Max (11:12:41 PM): well, still
The Name Is Max (11:13:03 PM): the culture now is that anything foreign is scary and bomb threateningly dangerous
Etoilee8 (11:13:10 PM): but truthfully, what would anyone have to gain from bombing a bus of cheapskates, going to Chinatown. .. I mean, c'mon. . .

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