Monday, March 19, 2007

Sick & Tired - The Cardigans

Sick and tired is exactly what I am. Woke up feeling like death, took today off from work, stayed in bed until 2pm and finally dragged my tail to the shower. All this New York City, back and forth is killing me. And I just found out I've got to go up again on Thursday. . . more opportunities, the house hunt continues. . . etc. . . .but I'm sooooo tired. I never thought it would be this exhausting. The tv industry is either feast or famine. . . so you have to take it when it comes at you. . . often fast and flying.
I found this photo of Nina Persson from The Cardigans. In the 90's they were one of my favorite bands. Still are in a way, as I always turn to their old albums for comfort and joy. Nina Persson is extremely photogenic.
Because I've been in bed most of the day with my laptop, I've had plenty of time to search the web today. And certain news stories have caught my eye, for example:
I love the fact that our society is not at all above public humiliation. Here's Naomi Campbell looking fine and fashionable, going to mop the floors in New York City as part of her community service for throwing a cell phone at her former assistant. I've worked with so many short tempered people in the tv industry. You would not believe some of the tantrums I've witnessed. People should not get away with treating others so poorly.

And also:

Christie's has put the famous Andy Warhol "Lemon Marilyn" on display for viewers before it goes to auction in May. If I had the money to own something this precious. . . I totally would. . . just because I could. . .
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