Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Girl - Blondie

I am such a sunday girl. Except on sunday mornings, when I roll over and moan because it has hit me that the weekend is over ALREADY. This weekend was fairly uneventful. Got some good sleep in though. I like that.

Woke up today and found the lovely Susie Bubble was on Facehunter ( If you don't know who Susie Bubble is by now, you should. She is an extremely modest, fashion icon in the makings. When I saw her pinafore dress, I immediately recognized it as being Topshop Unique. Funny, it just didn't look as cute on the the website. . . but this photo has only increased my wanting of a similar pinofore/jumper. . . but something a little more nautical. I'm thinking navy blue.

These are just a couple of other things from Topshop Unique which I really, really need. I can't decide which ones nicer, the dress or the shirt. I think I would buy both if I could!
Now time to apply for a couple of jobs and bed.

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