Thursday, March 1, 2007

Tired Little One (Acoustic)- Alice Russell

Why I LOVE youtube. Reason #2: I can watch America's Next Top Model whenever I like!

The season has only started and I'm already disappointed in the judge's taste! And before I get started, can I just say "saucer of milk, table 9"?!?!? There are more b*tches in this brew than I've ever seen (and I can hardly wait, wringing hands happily). However, although many of us, enjoy a good a cat fight, I generally find myself rooting for the nice girls. So how angry was I when I found my two top choices were last picked? No taste, I swear. Nigel, I'd still boink you but you do disappoint sometimes. . .

Kathleen from Brooklyn is full of spirit, spunk and genuinely sweet! She cracks me up (and she reminds me of my sister, a bit). She's also got a gorgeous face and a good look. But they voted her off (despite the fact that all the girls looked positively dead in the photo shoots). I would have kicked Natasha off in a heartbeat. She has the personality of a cardboard box and I'm not really sure what they see in her look.

Jael is not only gorgeous but she's sweet as pie and drama free. I want her to win because I want the world to see that you don't have to be a jerk to climb to the top. I love how she handles conflict and confrontation.
It never fails to amaze me, how Tyra Banks can turn modeling into rocket science and how hard Tyra and her fellow judges are on these girls. I mean, can you see Kate Moss in one of these competitions? She'd toss her head and walk out to smoke a cigarette and declare it all a bunch of rubbish. Speaking of rubbish, I know Pete Doherty has a problem and all. . . but how can you not find this funny? Here's Mr. Kate Moss. . . feeding weed to penguins, at the zoo. . .and yes, I'm still laughing. It's the most ridiculous thing I've seen all month. It makes no sense and I love how everyone's just standing around watching.

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