Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ruby Baby - Bjork (Gling-Glo)

What is more pathetic than watching a chick flick like Dirty Dancing in a theater on your own?? Watching "Dirty Dancing", squashed between two different couples (in an audience that generally resembles the lonely hearts club). . . that's what. While there is always something to do in New York . . .sometimes one wonders if they might be better off, getting drunk in a bar on their own. However, "Dirty Dancing" is still a classic film.

This young lady's outfit reminded me of Baby's wardrobe in a couple of different ways (minus the leather coat). I find it really amazing that we're at a point in fashion where so many different styles and genres pass as "current". Anything you want to wear 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. . . just do it. People could argue that fashion is always that way. . . but I don't feel like it. Especially in the 80's, when I was a young child. Maybe it's the age I'm at where I'm generally more accepting of whatever people choose to wear (especially if they work like they own it!). But I just feel like there's a ton of freedom right now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Are You Looking So Grave? - Mew

Quite easily one of my favorite new bands. I know they're not really "new". They're actually huge stars in Denmark and pretty big in the UK. I remember seeing posters for their album around London. I'm just catching the wave now, but whatever. Why am I looking so grave, you ask? Because today was a RUBBISH day. And when I left the office, it started raining. The one day I'm not carrying my umbrella in my bag (because my bag is so heavy and it sometimes hurts my back), I come outside and it's pissing rain on my head. Anyways, as I sit here sipping my soup and trying to warm up, Mew's beautiful music is slowly putting me in a better mood. You should try it sometime.

I need an opinion from you ladies out there. Vivienne Westwood top purchased from Century 21. Yay or nay? I'm certainly not in a position to go throwing money around on frivilous things however:

1. It was pretty cheap in comparison to the full price.
2. It's cute (but snug).
3. It looks nice with jeans and skirts.
4. I love Viv!!
5. Everytime I move to a place (or more like "when I moved to London"), I buy myself a piece by good ole' Viv to congratulate myself on getting my sh-. . . stuff together. And the other top I bought was full price at Selfridges. I still don't know what I paid for it, because I never did the conversion math. I don't really want to know, it would probably make me cry for having so little self control.


1. It wasn't "cheap" (but would probably retain it's value on eBay for a few years).
2. It is snug and when I wear it, all I can think is "suck in Miss Scarlett, SUCK IN!"


What do you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moody (Spaced Out) - ESG

That's right pregnant friend of starlet, you and me and Cameron Diaz makes three at Marc Jacobs today. Strangest experience of my life. You see all the idiots gathered outside? Your's truly had just left her daytime gig and had decided to go into Marc Jacobs just to browse at a couple of items which she knew she couldn't afford.

(photo: Like this beautiful blouson camisole top ($995). . .

No sooner than I had walked in to the shop, suddenly, the shop assistants shut the doors, pulled down the metal blinds and the whole place pretty much went into lockdown. I was totally and utterly confused (and a little scared). But I glanced outside and saw paperrazi pressed against the windows like hungry dogs. It still hadn't quite hit me, until I turned to look over my shoulder and saw Cameron Diaz browsing the handbags with a friend. She was personable, friendly, and fun in a way which would make you want to be her friend. The shop assistants were being so cool to everyone (even lil' ole me). Rushing about, being super helpful and trying to tend to everyone (they probably knew I couldn't afford and thing and was just so dazed by it all).
I understand why she and Justin Timberlake, beat the hell out of those guys. Even though we were the only people in the shop, the aggressive press totally unnerved me and put me off my browsing. I can't lie and say I won't ever look at another gossip rag again, because let's be honest, most of us do from time to time (even the stars). . .but I realize how completely and utterly unacceptable aggressive photographers can be. When I left the store, I had to fight the crowds. . . but once they realized I was a nobody, they got out of my way. Anyways, Cameron Diaz, I salute you. Did I mention I saw Naomi Watts and Liev Schreibner walking their dogs last night? Yeah. . .

That experience left me pretty dazed and a little overwhelmed. So I wandered up town to Mood ( the best fabric store I have ever visited. That is where the contestants of Project Runway (and many FIT, Parsons, famous designers) go to find the best fabrics. It is amazing. However it was no sight for weary eyes. A couple rules about Mood first timers:

1. Have a good idea of what you're looking for, otherwise you could end up browsing for hours.
2. Know what you're going to make.
3. Eat something, you'll need your energy.
4. Buying bulk gets you a discount.

They've displayed boards of from past Project Runway contestants final shows. I loved Uli's and Chloe's (sp?) collection and it as cool to see such nice close up pics.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunshine Recorder - Boards of Canada

There ain't no shame in my game. I love Williamsburg, I really do. I've heard so many complaints about it, but the euphoria of living near a plethora of young things, hasn't worn off yet and I'm singing a merry little tune. I made a friend in my building. (Yay for new friends!) He is very fun and full of positive energy. Today we sat in the park across the street from our building, sipping tea and people watching. There was prime people watching today.

Later I drifted over to McKaren park. It was packed. There was barely an inch to sit on the grass.
My only real complaint about New York is that I can't seem to leave my apartment without spending money! (I guess that can happen anywhere). . . but how do I do it? Just feeding myself, has been a huge expense on my bank account. And clothing. . . I dream about it. . . try it on. . . but whatever, I do. . . NO BUYING! (Atleast until I can get my finances together). For instance, this gorgeous dress (I've forgotten the designer). At $420. . .it is really nothing but a dream. But a girl can dream, right? And look at the gorgeousness of that back. I mean, geeeeez.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lovertits - Feist and Jose Gonzalez (favourite new song)

Yup, Gap has a way of killing things. Many bloggers that I read have expressed their annoyance with the ever increasing volume of designer/everyday schmoe store collaborations. Queen Michelle raises an interesting point, that instead of enlisting "cool" designers, perhaps the companies as a whole should just aim to be more directional.
Well when I saw the above Rodarte top, I had to run and try it on, today, despite the fact that my father's been telling me more and more lately that my wardrobe is growing increasingly more "matronly", due to the large amount of floaty, empire waist, which I am so fond of. But I have a thing for crazy fabric embellishments so I thought "oh what's the worse that could happen?" Well, it could make you look pretty rotund. And shapeless. And you could find yourself pairing it was Gap khakis because you wore a dress to work today. This other dress they had looked identical to one which I sewed myself. Amazing! Gap. . . seriously, stop. Let Target do what they do best and you. . . go back to making 50 different colors of khakis. . . really.

Today, I wore my blue jumper dress, with a dress shirt and boots. Thank god, the boots were comfortable because I believe I walked half of Manhattan on errands for previous shoot.
And as I was strolling through Canal Street, I saw a police seizing a bunch of fake handbags and closing the store. I'm not a fan of fakes, but I am EVEN LESS of a fan of police officers wasting tax payers dollars on such silliness. Haven't they got some murderers and rapists to catch somewhere?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Week Beats Your Year - Telefon Tel Aviv

And on Saturday, I took the 9:30am bus up from DC back to New York for a shoot with the Misshapes, which was crazy, fun. I have to admit, I wasn't really sure what to expect of them, but I really like them and I think the key to their success is that their idea of fun is totally genuine. Basically I love to see people dancing and having a great time and I haven't danced like that since I was in London. Here's a picture of Leigh digging into their giant candy bowl in Greg and Geordan's apartment.

This was the party in all it's glory.

No matter how big the crowd is, I can always find the Brits and strike up a chat with them. This girl's dress was adorable and made by a designer in Birmingham, UK. She was cute too.

Sunday I don't think I moved from the couch. I had been on the go since 8am and finished my night at 4am. It's a hard knock life. . .

And Keep Smiling - Rachel's

If there's one thing I love, it's buying presents for people, which I know they will love. When a gift card from Fendi found it's way into my lap. . . I couldn't think of anyone better than my older sister (who's a massive fan of the luxury goods). Needless-to-say, she liked the scarf.

I also love coming home and hanging out with Sofia (especially when she makes the Borat face).

I love my Grammy's eclectic taste, which is much more trendy than she thinks it is. The Keds are totally making a comeback. (And no not because of Mischa Barton's "cool" ads).

And I love the fact that one minute you can be running through an April rain with your friend, swearing, cursing, soaking wet, racing back to your car before it gets ticketed and towed (nope, still don't love DC). . .

and the next minute sitting warm and cozy in your Grammy's living room, wearing her sweats and eating "just a little something", which you know she spent all afternoon preparing. You have to leave home to truly appreciate it.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lonely, Lonely - Feist

Kala - Yann Tiersen and Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins)

Middle A- Oh my god! Look at that gorgeous couch. . . it needs a little lovin' . . . but it should totally be ours!
Little A- It is pretty, look at that fabric. . . but look at the bottom, it's horrible.
Middle A- Yeah, but it's a total fixer up 'er, can you imagine it refurbished in red canvas? It would be GORGEOUS!
Little A- It's probably full of bed bugs. . .
Middle A- Yeah but I bet there's stuff you can get to spray on fabrics and take the bed bugs out. . .
Little A- LEAVE IT.

When I walked home later, the beautiful couch was gone. I can't wait to have my own place so I can collect as much rubbish as I like and fix it as I please (while secretly keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be no bugs).

It recently came to my attention that living out of a suitcase SUCKS. This is much different than any vacation because at work I'm expected to not roll up with recycled outfits. It hit me like a ton of bricks that my underwear supply was running dangerously low. That would mean, do your laundry lazybutt or. . . go to UO and buy new undies since all the sales panties are $1 at the UO on 2nd Ave. At that price, I bought a cute little set for a friend who's a little down right now. Making care packages for people makes me unbelievably happy.
9:52pm and nothing to do. The lonely girl's lament. This is the part about moving to a new place that's no fun at all. Remembering what it's like to make friends. Looks like it's a movie night for me.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sale! (With cute graphic design).

Over The Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

Etoilee8 (11:53:47 AM): it's my day off from my internship, so I'm sitting in my pajamas, sipping tea and reading fashion news
NDRtrntoGlory (11:53:51 AM): hahaha
NDRtrntoGlory (11:53:53 AM): you would be
Etoilee8 (11:54:03 AM): I'll enjoy this lifestyle for a little, until I actually have to get a real job
NDRtrntoGlory (11:54:09 AM): haha
Etoilee8 (11:54:13 AM): which will be like next week or something
NDRtrntoGlory (11:54:17 AM): booooooo
Etoilee8 (11:54:31 AM): I know, I know. . .

So I've arrived in New York. The city both overwelmes and exhausts me. In one week, I've found a place to live (moving in next week), started an internship at a prominent fashion magazine which is located on a busy, bustling street on SoHo. And spent way too much on groceries. ($40 buys only the basic necessities in LES). Today I intend on making a resume for a part time retail job and walking around the city, finding new places. I'm moving out to Brooklyn and unfortunately I've already gotten used to the convenience of my short term home. The East Village is so accessible!

Who hasn't watched this yet? There's really no point to me posting this besides the point that I find it incredibly sweet and very endearing. Here's a couple that you seem to hear nothing but bad things about and this just portrays them as sweet and in love. And I like it very much.

I also enjoy the fact that Miss Moss and I share the same taste in hammocks from Habitat. The lovely thing she's swinging on, cost 35 pounds. . . which is a pretty good deal. It's very pretty. (photo: