Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And Keep Smiling - Rachel's

If there's one thing I love, it's buying presents for people, which I know they will love. When a gift card from Fendi found it's way into my lap. . . I couldn't think of anyone better than my older sister (who's a massive fan of the luxury goods). Needless-to-say, she liked the scarf.

I also love coming home and hanging out with Sofia (especially when she makes the Borat face).

I love my Grammy's eclectic taste, which is much more trendy than she thinks it is. The Keds are totally making a comeback. (And no not because of Mischa Barton's "cool" ads).

And I love the fact that one minute you can be running through an April rain with your friend, swearing, cursing, soaking wet, racing back to your car before it gets ticketed and towed (nope, still don't love DC). . .

and the next minute sitting warm and cozy in your Grammy's living room, wearing her sweats and eating "just a little something", which you know she spent all afternoon preparing. You have to leave home to truly appreciate it.

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