Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kala - Yann Tiersen and Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins)

Middle A- Oh my god! Look at that gorgeous couch. . . it needs a little lovin' . . . but it should totally be ours!
Little A- It is pretty, look at that fabric. . . but look at the bottom, it's horrible.
Middle A- Yeah, but it's a total fixer up 'er, can you imagine it refurbished in red canvas? It would be GORGEOUS!
Little A- It's probably full of bed bugs. . .
Middle A- Yeah but I bet there's stuff you can get to spray on fabrics and take the bed bugs out. . .
Little A- LEAVE IT.

When I walked home later, the beautiful couch was gone. I can't wait to have my own place so I can collect as much rubbish as I like and fix it as I please (while secretly keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be no bugs).

It recently came to my attention that living out of a suitcase SUCKS. This is much different than any vacation because at work I'm expected to not roll up with recycled outfits. It hit me like a ton of bricks that my underwear supply was running dangerously low. That would mean, do your laundry lazybutt or. . . go to UO and buy new undies since all the sales panties are $1 at the UO on 2nd Ave. At that price, I bought a cute little set for a friend who's a little down right now. Making care packages for people makes me unbelievably happy.
9:52pm and nothing to do. The lonely girl's lament. This is the part about moving to a new place that's no fun at all. Remembering what it's like to make friends. Looks like it's a movie night for me.

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