Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lovertits - Feist and Jose Gonzalez (favourite new song)

Yup, Gap has a way of killing things. Many bloggers that I read have expressed their annoyance with the ever increasing volume of designer/everyday schmoe store collaborations. Queen Michelle raises an interesting point, that instead of enlisting "cool" designers, perhaps the companies as a whole should just aim to be more directional.
Well when I saw the above Rodarte top, I had to run and try it on, today, despite the fact that my father's been telling me more and more lately that my wardrobe is growing increasingly more "matronly", due to the large amount of floaty, empire waist, which I am so fond of. But I have a thing for crazy fabric embellishments so I thought "oh what's the worse that could happen?" Well, it could make you look pretty rotund. And shapeless. And you could find yourself pairing it was Gap khakis because you wore a dress to work today. This other dress they had looked identical to one which I sewed myself. Amazing! Gap. . . seriously, stop. Let Target do what they do best and you. . . go back to making 50 different colors of khakis. . . really.

Today, I wore my blue jumper dress, with a dress shirt and boots. Thank god, the boots were comfortable because I believe I walked half of Manhattan on errands for previous shoot.
And as I was strolling through Canal Street, I saw a police seizing a bunch of fake handbags and closing the store. I'm not a fan of fakes, but I am EVEN LESS of a fan of police officers wasting tax payers dollars on such silliness. Haven't they got some murderers and rapists to catch somewhere?

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silver screen pipe dreams said...

haha. I like the snide Gap comment. They could also just go back to making 50 pairs of Mom jeans and boot cut jeans.
I hate their celeb campaign because they manage to make everyone they have in them look cool and casual and fun. But the clothes do not make the man, or in this case, the man does not make the clothes.