Friday, April 6, 2007

Over The Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

Etoilee8 (11:53:47 AM): it's my day off from my internship, so I'm sitting in my pajamas, sipping tea and reading fashion news
NDRtrntoGlory (11:53:51 AM): hahaha
NDRtrntoGlory (11:53:53 AM): you would be
Etoilee8 (11:54:03 AM): I'll enjoy this lifestyle for a little, until I actually have to get a real job
NDRtrntoGlory (11:54:09 AM): haha
Etoilee8 (11:54:13 AM): which will be like next week or something
NDRtrntoGlory (11:54:17 AM): booooooo
Etoilee8 (11:54:31 AM): I know, I know. . .

So I've arrived in New York. The city both overwelmes and exhausts me. In one week, I've found a place to live (moving in next week), started an internship at a prominent fashion magazine which is located on a busy, bustling street on SoHo. And spent way too much on groceries. ($40 buys only the basic necessities in LES). Today I intend on making a resume for a part time retail job and walking around the city, finding new places. I'm moving out to Brooklyn and unfortunately I've already gotten used to the convenience of my short term home. The East Village is so accessible!

Who hasn't watched this yet? There's really no point to me posting this besides the point that I find it incredibly sweet and very endearing. Here's a couple that you seem to hear nothing but bad things about and this just portrays them as sweet and in love. And I like it very much.

I also enjoy the fact that Miss Moss and I share the same taste in hammocks from Habitat. The lovely thing she's swinging on, cost 35 pounds. . . which is a pretty good deal. It's very pretty. (photo:

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