Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunshine Recorder - Boards of Canada

There ain't no shame in my game. I love Williamsburg, I really do. I've heard so many complaints about it, but the euphoria of living near a plethora of young things, hasn't worn off yet and I'm singing a merry little tune. I made a friend in my building. (Yay for new friends!) He is very fun and full of positive energy. Today we sat in the park across the street from our building, sipping tea and people watching. There was prime people watching today.

Later I drifted over to McKaren park. It was packed. There was barely an inch to sit on the grass.
My only real complaint about New York is that I can't seem to leave my apartment without spending money! (I guess that can happen anywhere). . . but how do I do it? Just feeding myself, has been a huge expense on my bank account. And clothing. . . I dream about it. . . try it on. . . but whatever, I do. . . NO BUYING! (Atleast until I can get my finances together). For instance, this gorgeous dress (I've forgotten the designer). At $420. . .it is really nothing but a dream. But a girl can dream, right? And look at the gorgeousness of that back. I mean, geeeeez.

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