Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Are You Looking So Grave? - Mew

Quite easily one of my favorite new bands. I know they're not really "new". They're actually huge stars in Denmark and pretty big in the UK. I remember seeing posters for their album around London. I'm just catching the wave now, but whatever. Why am I looking so grave, you ask? Because today was a RUBBISH day. And when I left the office, it started raining. The one day I'm not carrying my umbrella in my bag (because my bag is so heavy and it sometimes hurts my back), I come outside and it's pissing rain on my head. Anyways, as I sit here sipping my soup and trying to warm up, Mew's beautiful music is slowly putting me in a better mood. You should try it sometime.

I need an opinion from you ladies out there. Vivienne Westwood top purchased from Century 21. Yay or nay? I'm certainly not in a position to go throwing money around on frivilous things however:

1. It was pretty cheap in comparison to the full price.
2. It's cute (but snug).
3. It looks nice with jeans and skirts.
4. I love Viv!!
5. Everytime I move to a place (or more like "when I moved to London"), I buy myself a piece by good ole' Viv to congratulate myself on getting my sh-. . . stuff together. And the other top I bought was full price at Selfridges. I still don't know what I paid for it, because I never did the conversion math. I don't really want to know, it would probably make me cry for having so little self control.


1. It wasn't "cheap" (but would probably retain it's value on eBay for a few years).
2. It is snug and when I wear it, all I can think is "suck in Miss Scarlett, SUCK IN!"


What do you think?


Sofia said...

I trust your taste, so I am guessing this picture has suffered a case of bad lighting. It looks a little like something orange and cheap from Urban Outfitters. Are you sure you didn't just get struck with Westwood fever? I have seen it happen. I know your closet and I know what kind of treasures you keep in there. Do you really need an expensive top right now? You have so much nice clothing already. And it's no fun to suck it in, Ms Scarlett.

silver screen pipe dreams said...

I say nay. It reminds me of cheap tops from K Mart and not in a cool cheap way. Maybe it's just the picture and in real time I'd think it was nice. But I also don't think you should buy Viv just because it's cheap if you don't love the peice. Wait and buy something you do love, even if it's more expensive.

etoilee8 said...

You people are no fun. . . no fun at all. . .

etoilee8 said...

Also. . . it's definitely the photo. If I had used the flash, it would have looked horrible. It's actually a nice color of pink. I don't know. . .maybe you have to see it in person.