Monday, May 21, 2007

Gone, Gone, Gone (Live) - Miles Davis & Quincy Jones

This is my little bohemian pad and that's my roommate, warming up to dance. She dances, I sew. We both drink tea. It is a happy, mellow existence. Now that I am incredibly busy and slightly overwelmed, working freelance. . . I like to reminisce about previous weeks when I wasn't so busy and life was idle and quite sweet. . . with the occasional internship hours thrown into the mix.

Here I am, looking nice and spiffy. When I bought the pashmina on Canal St. (the poor man's Fifth Avenue), I had no idea that it matched THAT dress. (Y'know, the one with the really bad pit stains). And the Proenza Schouler coat ($44.99) for Target looks good with anything and everything. I get so many compliments on that coat and no one usually has a clue that it came from Target!

I had lunch with Mer and her Mother at the Tribeca Grill. It was delightful. That whole day left me waltzing on a cloud of air. Not nearly as chaotic as this week. (Sigh). Those lovely, lovely days.

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