Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To You! - Stevie Wonder

I have so much to say.
So much has happened in the last month.
But because there's a lot going on, I feel like my blogging often gets pushed to the side.

But I've had an excellent birthday! I am home in Virginia for a week and a half, doing some television work. I came home from babysitting my favorite toddler and this was in my room. My darling family clearly thinks it's funny that I strip down when sewing clothes, to try on whatever I'm making. But now it will be so much easier to get the sizing right! Yay! Now out for dinner and drinks with friends. It's been a phenomenal day! Just like birthday's should be. . .

I find the key to is to expect nothing. Because when you expect nothing. . . you realize you have EVERYTHING.

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