Monday, May 14, 2007

Ping Pong - Stereolab

Back and forth, back and forth, between Washington DC and New York I go. When I'm in New York, I go to lots of parties, go into the office a lot and hang out with my sister. When I'm in DC, it's work, work, work (and squeezing in time to see friends). This is not to say my life is cooler than your's. . . more so, that I am probably more tired than you. I'm really effin' tired. But it's better than being bored.
And on Friday, it's back down to DC for 1.5 weeks. I shall get back on my scheduled blogging very soon but until then. . . here's some pics from the Nylon party last Wednesday with Lindsay Lohan.

Here's Tracy. She is really fun and definitely a good person to be an office with. She never skips out on any of the shitty chores like taking out the trash.

Although she's smiling here, Lindsay Lohan looked really sad on the red carpet and it actually made me feel pretty bad, watching her. I wonder what was up.

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