Monday, May 14, 2007

Resolution - Thievery Corporation

Today, I felt as if New York and I have finally put our differences aside and resolved that I am destined to have a nice life here. Today was a fabulous day. I got free lunch at a wonderful restaurant in the village because of my friend Meredyth. I made two great new friends which you'll hear more about in the future. One who gave me a BEAUTIFUL present and one who gave me a FREE beer. Both are equally sweet and I can't wait to hang out with them more.

I took these pictures last week when I wore this ensemble. This is indeed the cheapest outfit I own and I am so proud of it.
Dress- Made By ME! ($2/yard fabric on the discount pile, and it only took 3 yards to make!)
Shoes - Payless ($14.99, these shoes have taken such a beating in New York, but this still keep going)
Cardigan - Target ($16.99)

I have been sitting up working furiously on a dress and listening to my noisy upstaires neighbors have the "Furniture Moving Party", I swear they're having at 3am every other night of the week. But I couldn't care less because it was such a great day. And I'm still a little sauced.

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