Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alpha and Omega - Boards of Canada

I am getting a new roommate for two weeks.
He is Italian and I'm excited (yay!)
However I can no longer sit around the apartment in my underwear, which is my favorite summer activity (boo!)

My friend Ariana does not like this colour combination but I'm totally on the contrary. I love this colour combination. I wish I had bright green pants, so I could imitate it. . . although, I wonder what else would look good with these bright green pants. . . umm EVERYTHING ACTUALLY!
(photo: http://hel-looks.com. . . duh. . . it's the best place for streetwear photos).


elli said...

Just looked on this street style page...goooood!
Well,mix up green with blue and even violet,if u really want to...when u feel comfortable,it fits!

aliss27 said...

love green and blue mixed up on clothes!
love that pic!!

kiss ;)

aliss27 said...

love green and blue mixed up on clothes!!

love that pic!!

byee, kiss

Emma said...

Christ, I love that. But are the green pants scrubs?

etoilee8 said...

I like that they kinda look like scrubs :) Comfy. . .