Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Chance - Roger Sanchez (like 8 years ago!!)

Once upon a time, I went out dancing, in the south of France almost every night. With my beautiful, sunbaked, sometimes drunken european friends, by my side, these nights usually ended in complete and utter debauchery. Anyhow, some years ago, this Roger Sanchez tune was very popular. . .but I particularly liked the video.

So sweet and so sad. This girl finds there's no room in this world for her big heart, so her heart begins to shrink.

I found there was no room on the subway for my big magazine. But it wasn't going anywhere except for back to the office. So I dutifully lugged it onto the subway train.
This was the day after the Nylon party. You can see the fatigue in my puffy face.

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