Friday, June 1, 2007

Great Day - Madvillain

"Looks like it's gonna be a great day today. . . " and I haven't had a day off in New York in over 3 weeks!!! No interning, no television jobs today and I am so excited about exploring my neighborhood of Williamsburg and going to Mood fabric store. I have been working very hard this month and while that makes me very happy, taking a break also makes me sigh deeply and contently.

This morning, I:

-Took my time in the shower, instead of doing three things at once.
-Ate my breakfast at my leisure.
-Read Japanese Nylon (using the phrase "read" loosely. . . more liked "looked at the pretty pictures")

I've been on a cheap shoe kick lately. While I was home, I bought those heels above from Target for $22. I heart Target. While I was moving lil sis out of her apartment two nights ago, I noticed her boyfriend was wearing these plain black sneakers that were simple yet nice. He told me, much to my surprise that they were purchased in Chinatown for $6! A deal like that, really knocks my socks off. . . so the next day, I scurried to BLT Sporting Goods on Mulberry Street and I got a pair of my own.

I know Sofia. . . you totally called that one like six months ago.

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