Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hair - (Sung by the Original London cast)

Something about my sister's job is bad luck. (She might agree with me on that in more than one way). Whenever I go there, something lands on me. Last time it was bird poo. Just recently, I was leaving and someone opened an awning which left me soaked. So, I dragged my angry, defeated derriere to Frances' Beauty Salon on Avenue A and 14th. Mercedes is the best thing my sister has shown me about New York. She is excellent and she does EVERYONES hair. She charges me the same amount she charges a little old caucasian lady for a blowout (sometimes I get charged more which technically is discrimination. . . but it's the way of the world I'm finding. . . ) Anyways, I love Mercedes. I come in frustrated and angry and leave with beautiful hair and a better outlook on life having learned a few new words in Spanish.

Mercedes asked me if my younger sister had left her new fancy hair in. My sister had fancy, long extentions sewn into her hair for a fashion show recently. While she enjoyed having long fake hair. . . they were starting to get dirty. . . so it was time for them to come out. I told Mercedes "no" and she chuckled. I did not tell Mercedes the long story. Sis got so bored/sick of the extentions that she had her boyfriend try to take them out. When they wouldn't come out easy, she passed him the scissors and he cut them out. (I imagine the scene resembled the one from Sixteen Candles when Jake Ryan's hot girlfriend, Caroline gets her hair drunkenly stuck in the door. So, she has her equally drunk friend, cut her hair out from the door, than Caroline, thanks her friend. . . drunkenly).
Anyways once sis was free of the hair, they took turns putting it on Julian's cat (Jacqsie) and finally resolved to go outside and tie it to people's cars. If ever there was a thought in my mind that Julian was not a perfect fit for my sis. . . it was erased once I heard that hairy tale.

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