Monday, June 4, 2007

Honey Bunny - Vincent Gallo

I used to think that people that cried while watching movies, were such losers. As karma would have it, I am now that person. Miss Potter is a heart achingly beautiful film. And Renee Zellweger always brings this squishy faced, charm to any British role she plays. (People who don't think Bridget Jones is entertaining, are just no fun).

I loved all the hats worn in the movie.
Reminds me of all the straw hats, kids in New York are sporting this summer.

And it makes me long for the straw hat, which I stole off my Grammy when I was 10. Must retrieve that from home.
But more than anything, "Miss Potter" only nurtured the unhealthy obsession I've had with the Lake District. It has always struck me as a magical where romance and good books are created. I use to daydream about the Lake District at my interior design job. I would envision myself sitting by a lake, dipping my toe in the water and writing in my journal.
(photo: Craig Wetherall)

There is only one thing which can be done. I must go to Maine. I made up my mind on Saturday. I'm going to Maine soon. The time is now.

(most photos from flickr, the allison one from

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