Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sickfit - Madvillain

I am violently ill. Just ask my toilet. . . we bonded last night. I think I caught some sort of stomach bug, mixed in with a general run-downness, that happens when you party too much and get too little sleep. My life is not always like this. . . and since it is, for a moment, I say . . . laissez le bon temps rouler! (cough, cough).
But since I'm bedridden, I can take a moment to post some Nylon/Myspace party pictures.

I was not lucky enough to grab a completed goody bag. . . but if I had, it would have had, all this cool stuff in it. . . with a high re-sale value on eBay ;)

Greg from the Misshapes is such a cutie. He's always the one to blink when you take a picture, he coined the phrase "poor man's fifth avenue", in regards to Chinatown.

I think it's rather sweet that the girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants totally roll together. You always read about all the Hollywood cattiness. It's just nice to see people who actually are friends.

Bloody Social was all sweaty because they had just gotten off stage. Nice lads. Interesting interview they gave. . .

I love, love, LOVE the Plastiscines. I mean who doesn't love cute French girls? And you know what? They are really, really nice. I enjoyed chatting with them pre-party. . .

The Plastiscenes rocking their Nylon and Myspace t-shirts during soundcheck.

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Avril said...

Thank you for that! I look forward to seeing it. The writing in your blog is very good - you can tell that you're a professional. Also, you're so pretty! I think I recognize your face from some Cobrasnake pictures.