Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Free Design - Stereolab

Today Meredyth, Julia, Gwen and I ventured to the Marimekko store in Silver Spring. It is really awesome, if you live in the DC area, you shouldn't miss out. It's so ridiculously bright and colourful, the store alone with chase away any blues. And something about purchasing colourful things, cheers me up (superficial as it may be).

Of course, Meredyth and I fell in love with the same shapeless frock. I've always loved flowly, shapeless type dresses (which my father refers to as "matronly" as in "Ahhh you're looking matronly as ever today (smirk, smirk)". But I think Sofia really nurtured the love of all things big and floaty. Anyways, both Meredyth and I tried it on. At $136, we don't have to worry about who can have it. . . but as soon as it goes on sale, oh it is on!

I'm getting some stuff for my new room, providing things go according to plan. . . I'll probably be moving back to the DC area. Not that I'm over New York. . . but yes, I actually kind of am. Atleast for a few months or so.

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love first, and live incidentally said...

noooo!!!! Aja not you too. I was hoping you'd still be up in NYC when I moved up there this fall