Monday, July 30, 2007

Short Circuit - Daft Punk

These were shoes from an upcoming fashion spread for the magazine. I nearly short circuited when I saw them all! They were sitting around our office waiting to be shipped back to their rightful owners. I managed to snap a few fuzzy shots to share with you.

I've seen a lot of Kork-eases around the office this summer. They're suppose to be uber comfortable. . . which I'm always a fan of. However, the look just doesn't do it for me. I think they're kind of ugly. . . but you know, what? I wear Birkenstock clogs on my "off" days, so who am I to talk?

I love, love, love Chanel flats. They are the ultimate in luxury (for me). Maybe one day, I'll stop being such a cheapskate and shell out for them.

And these are Sofia's personal favourites. They're Acne shoes and I think they're quite sweet. I'm such a sucker for anything green.

But since none of these shoes are quite in my budget, here's some that are, which I purchased today. Oh Target ($14.99)!
PS- Shoes which I posted about yesterday turned out to be really funny looking in person.

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