Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For The Damaged - Blonde Redhead

One of my favourite summer pastimes includes laying around my house, digging into a good book. There's a massive stack of books by my bed, which I've am constantly working through. I read two at once, usually something light hearted, something not so light.
Another perk of the magazine is that I acquire a lot of really good free books. (And some really bad books too). We don't really do book reviews so they usually end up on the free shelf, where I snap them up, happily.

"Dear Diary" by Lesley Arfin supplied me with four solid hours (it's a quick read) of laughter and pensive thought about why teenage girls, in particular are so horrible to each other (myself included, a long time ago). Arfin also talks about her own problems with addiction and her days in rehab. She is brutally honest about everything. In short, it's a pretty awesome read. It will make you laugh, and while you probably won't cry, you'll be left scratching your head a lot.

Today Lesley Arfin writes for Vice, iD as well as the now defunct Jane (I heard she contributes to Nylon too). And I aways enjoy her columns. They're honest and funny.
She had a spread in last month's iD magazine and I can't find any of the photos online (maybe I didn't look hard enough). Anyways, you should check it out. It's quite cute.
photos : vice, Lesley Arfin's myspace page, amazon.

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i wrote a review of lesley's book
dear diary