Friday, August 17, 2007

Love For Sale - Stephane Grapelli

If there was such a thing as fashion love at first sight. . . mine would be Marni. Today, I can proudly announce that my fashion love is unrequited and true. I braved the Barney's Warehouse sale yesterday at 8am and left with a deeply discounted Marni CASHMERE sweater and a pair of $79 Acne jeans (down from $298). Ain't love grand?

But back to the sale. One would think that after the age of kindergarten snatching, grabbing, pushing and shoving all for material items would subside. On the contrary. . . we put away those skills and drag them out, specifically for sales as big as the Barney's Annual Warehouse sale. But aside from witnessing some horrendous behaviour. . . there's lots of good humour at a sale like that too. You see, when you shop alone. . .because of a lack of mirrors and fitting room space, you suddenly find yourself "best fashion friends" with the lone shopper next to you. You're both standing in your underwear, being brutally honest about the outfit which you are trying on hurridly. It's this amazing bonding phenomenon! Nothing says "we are friends", like telling someone that the $200 dress which they want to buy does absolutely nothing for them. And at times like that, we are all grateful for the truth.

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