Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wouldn't Live Anywhere Else - Rachel's

Yesterday, I had quite the girly day with my sister. We met up (totally unplanned) at our hair salon. I was reading Zadie Smith's "On Beauty", while I was under the hair dryer. I'm really enjoying this book. I can barely put it down. "White Teeth", took me a little while to get into. . . but not the case at all with "On Beauty".

Mercedes (our hair stylists), has a little bird which she nursed back to health.

He swoops back and forth through the shop. If you're not alert, he will definitely poop on your head. Or stop for a moment to take a break.

Yesterday's outfit had to be both easy to manage but easy to transistion into night. Since I live in Brooklyn, sometimes it's more of a pain-in-the-derriere to go home, if you're spending the day in Manhattan. I spent my day at the hair salon, shopping and then evening we went to a going-away dinner party and out for drinks with a friend from Holland. I say, you can never go wrong with cheap shorts, a Marc Jacobs top and Payless flats. I love mixing different elements of pricey and no-so-pricey pieces in my wardrobe.

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